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FBK GT on Impact of COVID-19 on Auditing

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FBK Grant Thornton has held the second webinar of the series titled “Auditors’ Approaches to Audits of Financial Statements Prepared by Financial Institutions for 2020”. It was dedicated to changes in audit approaches and regulators’ recommendations.

Ekaterina Lashchinina, the Director of Audit Methodology, spoke about audit approaches amid the pandemic. Nina Mushkarina, an Associate Director of Assurance and Advisory to Financial Institutions, focused on interactions between auditors, the regulator and the Bank of Russia in respect of audits of financial institutions. Alexey Karpushkin, the Head of IT Audit, underlined the value of digitalisation in the current environment.

The first online meeting was held on 28 January and dedicated to changes in IFRSs that need to be taken into account in financial statements compiled amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recordings of most webinars are available in the Events section of our website where you can find materials useful for businesses, especially during lockdown restrictions.

You can watch the video recording here